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Association video is one of the most effective ways to engage, disseminate knowledge and even certify to your association members, wherever in the world they might be.

Virtuvent Platform is designed to meet the particular needs of association video – secure hosting, complex metadata structures, integrating with membership databases, and supporting continuing education.

Capture Services

Virtuvent’s cost-effective event capture services include multi-cam high-definition recording, slide & audio recording, professional graphics insertion and same-day upload to Virtuvent Platform.

Live Streaming

Broadcast-grade HD live streaming of keynotes and sessions with on-site technical management, integration with venue IT and multi-device support.


Securely host all of your video sessions for cross-device delivery to a global viewership. Scale hosting as-needed with unlimited capacity, while exercising full control over viewer access using authentication and permissions.

Cross-Device Delivery

Deliver on-demand and live content to viewers on mobile, tablet and web devices using different internet bandwidths, via a Tier 1 CDN using industry-standardized best-practices.

Continuing Education

Power a distance learning program, test viewer knowledge, validate attendance and grant CE credits with Virtuvent’s Continuing Education Toolkit. The CE Toolkit can be easily integrated with 3rd-party certification systems via Virtuvent’s API.

netFORUM Integration

Grant content access to viewers by authenticating via your netFORUM active directory and existing login flow. Virtuvent’s tight integration makes setup quick and easy.

Authoring Tools

A range of cloud-based tools to apply basic edits to your content; trim video end-points, extract a selection and save as a new clip, add chapter markers, and upload presentation slides.

Access Control

Flexible configurations to help you control access to your content – with authenticated-only, public-facing and hybrid configuration options.

User Experience

Create a rich user-experience, with flexible options for custom branding, lightning-fast search and native mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Drive new revenue with fixed sponsored branding placements, pre-roll ads and leads captured from registration.


Capture qualified leads by using our fully-featured registration system, supporting payments, discount codes and custom forms.


Gain deep insights into which content is most popular, how your members consume your content, what testing has been completed, where in the world members are, and what devices they like to use.

Event Services

 Capture & Streaming Services
 Pre-Event Consulting
 On-Site Technical Support
 Fast End-User Support
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Virtuvent Platform

 Hosting & Cross-Device Delivery
 Integration With Your Membership Directory
Continuing-Education Toolset
 Live Streaming & Video-On-Demand
 Custom Branding


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Gain insights into how a large US association leveraged Virtuvent Platform to engage their 65,000 members across the world.

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