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Engage your members, volunteers & donors 365 days a year

Using video for nonprofit organizations is one of the most effective ways to engage and disseminate knowledge to your audience, wherever in the world they might be.

Virtuvent Platform is designed to meet the particular needs of non-profit video – supporting your metadata structure, your membership database, your security requirements and your scale.

Authoring Tools

A range of cloud-based tools that enable you upload both premium and member-created video content, both live-streaming and on-demand

Access Control

Flexible configurations to help you control access to your content – with closed, open and hybrid configurations supported.

User Experience

Create a rich user experience, with options for custom branding and tools for advanced metadata search, transcriptions and translation


Adhere to accessibility, sponsorship and internationalization guidelines with a range of  tools – closed captions, translation, 508 compliant players and more

Training Toolset

Leverage video to train your employees and volunteers, with in-player quizzes, deep user data to track viewing duration, and international content delivery


Gain deep insights into which content is most popular, how your audience consumes your content, where in the world they are, and what devices they like to use

Consulting & Training

 Compliance Consulting
 On-Site Technical Support
 Systems Integration
 Information Architecture Consulting

Virtuvent Platform

 Integration With Your Membership Directory
 Open, Closed & Hybrid Configurations
 Live Streaming & Video-On-Demand
 Custom Branding


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