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Can my site be public-facing?

Yes, your site can be completely open to the public – requiring no authentication to access content. Pricing is based on a monthly flat rate + CDN bandwidth & storage.

Can my site be private?

Yes, your site can be completely private – content will be accessible only to the users you specify. Pricing is based on a per user, per month model & scales according to your volume.

Can my site be hybrid?

Yes, a subset of your content can be public, while other sections of your content can require authentication. Pricing is based on a combination of monthly flat rate + a per user, per month model.

Does Virtuvent offer video production services?

Yes. Depending on the scale and location of your production we either send our own team or we connect you with one of our certified global production partners. Live streaming, capture & creative production services are available.

Do we need to sign a long-term contract?

No. You can choose whether to use Virtuvent Platform on a month-to-month basis or on an annual license. However, annual licenses are discounted, include various professional services & are better suited to long-term media strategies.

How will my content be secured?

Virtuvent Platform offers a variety of security options – including user-specific content access permissions, geo-blocking, domain-blocking, IP-blocking, authentication over SSL & Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Can you migrate my media from another platform?

Yes. There are several options at your disposal to migrate your content over – including bulk ingest via CSV or XML, bulk FTP ingest or an API script. Our professional services team can assist you to migrate your content and metadata over as seamlessly as possible.

Can you match the look & feel of my current website?

Yes. You can skin Virtuvent Platform to look exactly the way you like. Either upload a logo, write your own CSS, or even change the site structure by building a custom theme. Our professional services team can assist with any custom CSS or site theming on request.

Can I connect my own payment platform?

No. Virtuvent works in partnership with Braintree Payments. When you set up once-off or subscription payments on Virtuvent Platform, you are automatically assigned a merchant account on Braintree that accepts all major credit cards & offers payment using the currency of your choice.

Can I integrate with my existing user directory?

Yes. Virtuvent Platform integrates out-the-box with popular member-management systems such as netFORUM & also supports integration with popular industry protocols such as LDAP, SSO and Shibboleth.

Do you offer on-site support or project management?

Yes. On-site support is often included for those customers on an annual contract. For month-to-month customers, on-site support is offered at a competitive daily rate + travel & accommodation. Please contact sales for additional details.

In which countries does Virtuvent offer services?

Virtuvent Platform is available globally. Production services are limited to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom & South Africa. If your organization requires production outside of these countries, please contact sales.