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Fully Tailored Video Tools & Services

Conferences & Events

Provide a complete multimedia event experience to on-site
& remote event attendees.

  • Video & Slide Capture
  • Video Hosting
  • Live Streaming


Deliver branded experiences, optimize existing infrastructure
& grow your revenue.

  • Branded Video Experiences
  • Advertising & Sponsorship Integrations
  • Freemium & Premium Content Gates

Corporate Communications

Educate & engage your internal audience with live and on-demand video,
while maintaining full control.

  • User Permissions & Access Controls
  • User Directory Integration
  • eCDN for lightweight internal network delivery


Grow your membership base with multimedia
events & online learning

  • Continuing Education with Video & Quizzing
  • Event Services – Content & Slide Capture
  • Integrations with Membership Management Systems

Our Products & Services

Everything You Need from Start to Finish

Video Platform

A Feature-Rich, Cutting-Edge, All-You-Ever-Need Platform

Tools for Advertising, Subscription, Pay-Per-View & Direct Sponsorship

Event & Media Services

Production, Encoding, Post & Output

Video Production

Live Streaming

Encoding Management


Mics & Sound

Editing, Graphics & Output

Built Around a Proven Workflow

a 4-Step Approach to Succeeding with Video


Manage, promote, deliver & control your video content across any device


Branded front-end applications to attract your audience


Convert viewers into leads, paying subscribers, ad-viewers & brand ambassadors


Business insights into what and how your viewership likes to watch

Take Full Control

With multiple configurations to choose from, Virtuvent’s Video Platform aligns with your business model. Using our comprehensive toolset, take full control over each user’s permissions to view, create and share content.

    Open Environment
    Private Environment
    Hybrid Environment
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Virtuvent Platform user permissions

Give Your Users a Unique Experience

Control individual user functionality & customize your interface to make Virtuvent’s Video Platform align with your branding.

     Turn User Features On / Off
     Apply Your Own CSS Skin
     Build Your Own UI Theme
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Convert Your Viewership

Drive Revenue, Decrease Costs, Generate Leads

A subscriptions strategy is a great way to drive revenue – by growing a subscriber-base that creates a recurring revenue stream.

    Recurring Revenue
    Automatic Renewal & Card Expiry Notifications
    Transact with an International Audience
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A once-off transaction strategy is a great fit for larger amounts that might span, for example, a year’s access or a popular event.

   Support for Large Transaction Amounts
    Competitive Transaction Fees
   Transact with an International Audience
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Pull advertising from a popular ad-network or utilize your own. Virtuvent Video Platform integrates with several commercial networks and is VAST compliant.

     Integrations with DoubleClick, FreeWheel & Tremor Video
     VAST Integration Support for Custom Networks & Servers
     Support for Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Companion & Overlay Ads
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For larger or more complex deals that are directly negotiated with partners & advertisers, Virtuvent works with you to make your deals a success.

     Co-brand Your Interface
     Site-Wide, Single Brand Advertising
     Co-Branded Transactional Communications
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Virtuvent Platform monetization tools

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